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  • being of sound mind and body and in the deliberation of the certitude of death, I do hereby declare this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament
  • hereby rescind all previous Wills and codicils.
  • relating to descent and distribution.
  • to act as the executor/trustee of this Will.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • in the presence of the following witness/witnesses,
  • I acknowledge this witness to be the subscriber of this Will, as I requested above, and in my presence.
  • Confirmation Clause

  • (s) the requestors acknowledgement that we now will sign this Will as witnesses in each other’s presence, and as it appears to us to be of sound mind and body and of lawful age and under no undue influence or coerced in signing this documentation.
  • Who after being duly sworn/declare to tell the truth, stated:
  • declared that this instrument/document to be the Last Will and Testament to the witnesses
  • sign this instrument/document in their presence.
  • and each other.
  • is notable/known to the witnesses and the witnesses believe that,
  • to be of lawful age of sound mind and body, and under no undue influence or constraint.
  • Last Will and Testament


    This is a review in accordance, for preparation for your Last Will and Testament. It’s a simple document that is needed in the case of sudden death. I would recommend and updated this Will and Testament based on the renewal of your driver license or within three to five years period in time. Having an updated Will is a continuous event. Your Last Will and Testament is a needed instrument and a great gift for your heirs in case of an untimely death.


    A. Your Will states three witnesses will be signing the Will.
    B. Have a notary witness the signatures (this covers the requirement of all states and ensures your heirs do not have problems of an inheritance).
    C. Make numerous copies, keep one in a safe place, one off premises, such as a safety deposit box, etc., submit one to your spouse, relatives, or a close acquaintance.
    D. This documentation is only a Last Will and Testament in a simple form. It is recommended if you seek a more complicated Will, please seek legal counsel for more complex documentation. We recommend you update your Will as life moves forward such as having children, or as your children becomes an adult.