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Legal Forms

Our legal team includes professionals with ample experience and exposure in various legal areas to design a perfectly legal form for our corporate and non-corporate clients.

Resume's (Photos on resume's will be optional)

We help you come up with the perfect resume's to get the right job according to your skills and expertise. Our expert team can help you create a customized resume's based on your career goals.

Resignation Letters

Are you writing a resignation email, or do you just need a short, simple resignation letter template? Our career experts and HR consultants will draft resignation letters that can be customized according to your preferences.

Cover Letters

Focused and engaging cover letters are an important component of the recruitment process. Legal Results LLC’s team will analyze your career and the opportunities you want to achieve to ensure your new cover letter introduces you in the most effective and professional way to potential employers and recruiters.

Legal Results LLC

About Us

In 2012, Legal Results LLC was founded to automate and simplify the legal forms and documents creation process. Over the years, we have provided millions of people with custom-designed affordable legal forms, resume’s, cover letters, and resignation letters thank you letters at an optimal cost. Prices are subject to change depending and based on your request for resume’s, cover letters, and resignation letters. Thank you, letters are a standard price.

We pride ourselves on empowering our users by designing and developing their legal documents and contracts with proficiency.

Legal Results LLC

We Deal With These Services

We help in product development and designing services for 17 legal forms, resume’s, resignation letters, cover letters, and Thank-you letters. We promise the security and safety of our client’s privacy and provide them the security of their information.

What we have for you

Our Legal Form & Membership Services

Legal Results LLC is reputable, professional, and provides fast processing and delivery of legal forms and membership services at affordable prices. Our legal documents can be created and designed to fit your needs. Either download it, print it and share it with anyone you want, or you can simply forward the file digitally to your employers.

Legal Results LLC

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Most Popular Questions

What services does Legal Results LLC provide?

Legal forms: Legal forms are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Operational access is available Central, Pacific, Eastern, and Mountain Time excluding weekends and Holidays for resume's, cover letters, resignation letters, and thank you letters.

  • Resume's
  • Cover letters
  • Resignation letters
  • Thank-you letters

What is Legal Support Outsourcing?

Legal Support Outsourcing is a method of outsourcing certain tasks or functions of legal services. The practice of outsourcing in the legal profession is not new. At Legal Results LLC, we have been successfully creating 17 legal forms, basic resume's, professional resume's, executive resume's, basic cover letters, professional cover letters, executive cover letters, basic resignation cover letters, professional resignation cover letters, executive resignation cover letters, and thank-you letters by highly qualified, skilled, and motivated professionals.

Want to know more about our services?

Whether you're new to the idea of legal forms and cover letters writing services, or you just want to design resignation letters, resume's, and thank-you letters, you probably have a few questions in mind. We have compiled a list of answers to some frequently asked questions about our legal writing services.

Optimal Cost and Prices

Legal Results prices are at an optimal cost.

The prices are subject to change depending on your order.

Prices are listed at the end of each order forms (prices are subject to change depending on your order).

How are our projects managed?

Our skilled project managers look after each client's demand and strive to deliver the results per their preferences. They are also in charge of implementing client directions and overseeing work performed by professionals in the USA. Moreover, they are responsible for performing ongoing quality checks throughout the project to ensure any errors are caught and questions are answered quickly, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

What is Legal Results LLC's billing model?

Legal Results LLC offers flexible billing options, including Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), Hourly, Per Page / Document, and Project-Based. Rather than charging per hour, we can provide a better understanding of costs by charging per page, per document, or per contract - whatever works best for our clients. In addition to offering cost savings, we guarantee a high-quality work product.

How does the resume's writing process work?

We combine professionals' knowledge with feedback from applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan resume's. Legal Results LLC's team will analyze your resume's using similar technologies to ATS's to filter applicants. We analyze the data to determine how we can make your resume's more effective.

We will collaborate on a first draft and deliver the resume's to you in about a week. After that, you will have one more week to provide feedback to us.


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    Meet Our Team Of Professionals

    Our experienced team members have the experience of more than a decade of legal services in multiple industries. Whether you want an appealing legal form or a resume’s to uplift your career opportunities or write a basic resignation cover letter or a cover letter, we can also create a Thank-you letter. That best describes your need. Legal Results LLC has you covered.