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  • To my family, physician, attorney, and clergyman, (Priest or Minister). In addition to any medical practitioner, and facility in whose care, I presently reside. To any, and all individuals who maybe come responsible for my health, welfare, and financial business affairs.

    As time permits, death is as relative as birth. As we grow as human, maturity, and old age is certain, as life proceeds forward.

  • cannot, or unable to care or to make competent decision of my life and future, let this statement stand of (Uniform Living Trust) be a written expression of my wishes and demands, while I am still in sound mind and body.

    Under terminal circumstances and duress, if the situation should arrive in which I am unable to recover under reasonable expectation, my direct wishes is to be allowed to die a natural death, and not let my life be prolonged or extended, by extraordinary measure or circumstances. Under a terminal health condition, I do ask that medication be administered mercifully to soften and alleviate any suffering and pain even if it shortens the remaining life I have in existence.

    The evidentiary value of this statement was carefully orchestrated with careful consideration in accordance with my belief and strong conviction. I believe that my wishes and direction within this statement or expressed and should be carried out to the extent that is permitted by law. Nevertheless, my wishes are not legally enforceable, I hope that the caretaker of this Will, to whom it is addressed to will regard themselves ethically and morally bound by this prevision in my Will, within the care of the medical faculty. If permissible under the law and the jurisdiction within the hospital faculty in which I am being cared for the supervisory physicians upon a terminal diagnosis, to stop hydration should it be the continuation as a result in unduly prolonging my natural death.

    Under the circumstance in which death is imminent, if it is permissible by the laws of jurisdiction in which I made by hospitalized, under my direction, the supervising physician in which is in charge of my care and wellbeing, upon a terminal diagnosis to discontinue all hydration, feeding that as a result in unduly prolonging my natural death.

    Being in sound mind, I hereby release any and all hospitals, physicians and staff, and others including both for myself and for my personal state from any and all liability for complying/adhere to with this declaration/announcement, to the fullest extent provided by law. I hereby authorize my spouse/partner, if any or any relative, who is related to and whom is related to me within the third degree to put in the force by transfer from any hospital faculty, or other healthcare faculties in which in maybe receiving medical care should that faculty decline or refuse to put into force the instruction forgoing.<.br>
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  • the Declarant, Sign, Seal, and Published/Produced, and Declared as and for his declaration, in the present of both affiants/eyewitnesses, and that these affiants/eyewitnesses, at the request of the said Declarant in the present of each other, and in the present to the said Declarant, simultaneously all at the same time, signs their names as attesting/certify witnesses to said declaration.
    The Affiant/Witness indicates that this affidavit is made at the request of
  • at the time, the declaration/statement was executed, in the judgement of the affiant/witness of sound mind, memory, and over the age of eighteen years.
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    This review indicates provisions to inform you pertaining to this document in question to assist you in its preparation. It proceeds to be a general document of states without a specific one. It is generally enforced once written and properly witnessed in most states. For your assurance legally check with your local medical faculty, doctor’s office, and medical attorney to be sure of compliance with statues in your current state

    Suggestions: make several copies for your medical doctor, medical faculty, attorney, and family member. Also, with the understanding and knowledge, this documentation is used in an emergency situation in stressful circumstances.